2022 AW

For AW 22 we have revisited Germany, the inspiration for our SS16, AW16 and SS17 bag collections.
We have dived deeper into Germany’s design culture - exploring the unique history of the country, the Bauhaus movement and product design in the DDR.
A philosophy originating from 20th century German Architectural practice, ‘Less is more’ is a way to focus on simple, minimalist design whilst also ensuring a high level of functionality.
For F/CE. ‘Less is more’ is a way to provide a richness of life, space, function and feeling without sacrificing style and good design.

Inspired by the Modernist Bauhaus movement, our 22AW collection features minimalistic design, combining contrasting materials to deliver function and aesthetic.
Design in the DDR was shaped by its socio-economic situation. Innovative design combines simplicity with functional materials to create usable products that can improve people's lives.
Design details and materials have been carefully selected to maximise functionality, but also ensure a simplistic, minimalist aesthetic. Practical details, including pockets and storage capacity allow the wearer to explore their environment without a bag.
Garments that are designed to be worn in multiple ways allow the wearer to enjoy the garment in several different environments.
The silhouette, functionality and colour schemes of alpine skiwear and the naturally formed curves of the snow-covered mountains.

Arguably the most influential architecture, art and design school of the 20th century, the Bauhaus movement has also had a huge impact on F/CE. and our brand philosophy.
Originally inspired by the modernist architecture, contemporary design and innovative mass production techniques so closely associated with Bauhaus, our collections blend aesthetics and everyday function with a rich history and cultural exploration.

Typography and Graphic design
Typography, and in particular the modernist precision of designers like Jan Tschichold have directly impacted the branding, feeling and communication of F/CE. Tschichold’s simple, stripped back design language features flashes of colour that contrast with the predominantly black and white work. His iconic style has provided a foundation of modern design, and has directly influenced our AW22 collection.

Design in the DDR was born from a need to create low-cost, functional and efficient products.
The DDR was not able to export and share their design with the western world. Due to the inability to travel and experience product design in other countries, a unique style was developed in the DDR.
Combining modern, innovative shapes with muted, smokey colours, DDR design today feels very nostalgic. Items often feature a flash of contrasting colour - which will also be a key part of our next collection.
The history of Berlin, and the division of modern Germany into East and West Germany, has influenced this collection a lot. Life was so different for people, who previously lived in the same way.

For our AW 22 collection, we have drawn inspiration from many different sources, resulting in a wide range of colours being used. Key colours for our AW22 collection include our iconic Sage Green and a new Modern German Military Green. Muted oranges inspired by the modernist, functional design of the DDR, and a scattering of purple referencing vintage alpine ski culture provide contrast and a point of interest in the collection. Throughout the collection, these contrasting colours have been paired with more natural tones to reflect the different sources of inspiration, whilst also providing a contemporary design aesthetic.

Key Detail
Our 22 AW collection is inspired by the mantra ‘less is more’. Each season, F/CE. builds functionality into the core of our designs. For AW22 we have taken inspiration from the technical details, muted colours and functionality of vintage German alpine ski wear / winter wear. Minimalist design, featuring high contrast, complementary materials allows the wearer to use the item in a wide range of situations. Pairing natural and synthetic materials allows F/CE. to introduce additional functionality to our products. Key items have been designed with detachable or removable details - to allow the wearer to enjoy the item in several different forms. Choosing materials that provide maximum function allows us to create stylish clothing that can be used in any situation. Excellent functionality including water resistance, light weight, warmth and breathability provides richness and benefits to the wearer.

- “Less is more”
- Exploring new functionality
- Innovative materials
- Blending Natural and Synthetic materials

Sustainable Design
- Reduce consumption by offering 2 or 3 way designs
- Seasonless / timeless design
- High quality production and materials
- Minimise waste across the collection.

At F/CE. we want to provide value to our customers - one way we can do this is by selecting and developing high quality, functional materials. Our AW 22 collection explores a wide range of functionality including light weight, breathability, water and flame resistance. For the first time, F/CE.’s AW collection explores the natural functionality of organic materials, with one key example being merino wool. A newly-developed original waterproof wool, inspired by the design of Marcel Breuer and how it pairs natural and man-made materials can provide both functionality and form for our garments. At F/CE. we care about the environment. For this collection we have explored new, recycled materials including functional flame resistant nylon, recycled Polartec fleece and Calamai recycled wool boa.

Sustainability continues to be a priority for us. Half of this collection uses sustainable materials, and we are committed to increasing this in the future. At F/CE. our goal is to discover the ways in which fashion can improve people's lives. From that point of view, we believe that we need to be aware of and outline our own Sustainable Development Goals in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and to ensure the survival of a green planet in 20 or 30 years time. As a brand, we have been developing our awareness of environmental issues and refining our own practices for the past three years, in order to make a more sustainable, positive impact. We set realistic and achievable SDGs aligned to our size and reach, gradually increasing these targets over time. We believe that changes need to be made at every level - from the largest corporations to individuals. By making more eco-conscious decisions, we can all have an impact.