F/CE. is pleased to announce its second collaboration with Nordisk, launching a new tent inspired by our 24SS theme ‘Reinterpretation’.

Based on the new Asgard 7.2, the updated design features contrasting panels of Nordisk’s iconic ivory technical cotton alongside F/CE.’s signature sage green – providing a pleasant light and atmosphere inside the tent. Inspired by F/CE’s philosophy, the tent feature a contemporary finish.

Sold with a tarp in the same colourscheme as a set.

Both items feature the logos of F/CE. and Nordisk, printed alongside the Danish flag – evoking the roots and relevance of the collaboration. Similarly, aluminium parts are finished in a retro red, reminiscent of the Danish flag.

Sales method:
Lottery sale will be held from 10am on April 27th.
Please access the lottery page from the URL in our profile.
※ Please read the notes on the lottery page carefully before applying for the lottery.


2023.10.20(Fri) Grand Open 12:00-20:00


Venue : 3-9-1 Hotel BInario 1st Floor, Kita-ku, Osaka city, Osaka



For the 23AW collaboration with DIGAWEL, we created down and trousers.

The pants are made of highly waterproof and breathable Pertex Shield and lined with Octa, a heat-storing material.

The down is Solotex suede, which has a real suede feel but with excellent stretch.




For AW23 we are excited to announce the expansion of our signature NANGA line to include new specifications, sustainable Green Down (700 FP) – offering increased functionality to our customers.
Recycled “Green Down” product in partnership with Nanga – made from recycled down collected from futons, sleeping bags and down jackets, making them environmentally friendly products. The recycled down also boasts a sufficient specification of 700 fill power.


The Nanga “GreenDown” has a higher fill power, meaning it can be used in colder climates.




Gramicci by F/CE. collection line pays homage to Gramicci’s history and philosophy with a new capsule line designed by F/CE.
Based on the concept of modern outdoor clothing that can be worn both in the city and in the mountains, the design source is inspired by F/CE.’s baggage of Functionality,Culture and Explolation, as well as by the countries set for each season.

23AW explores the theme “Purpose / Equality”, inspired by our travels in Denmark, and research into Danish design culture.
Rooted in tradition and identity, Danish design refines simple, aesthetic forms, elevating them with functionality so that they can be applied to a utilitarian and democratic lifestyle.
With a focus on practicality rather than innovation, Denmark’s organic design is sustain able in the sense of its durability, quality and timelessness.
Beyond functionality, design is considered to create a meeting point between people and objects, connecting design with social development and culture.
Thought of as a supportive social force, designers’ activities have idealistic potential, where they can cultivate the ability of design to improve not only the lives of individuals, but also society as a whole. In Denmark, good design is integrated into public space, resulting in an appreciation and awareness across generations regardless of social status.


For 23AW, we present a collection inspired by the social, functional and aesthetic harmony of Danish design – delivering high quality products that balance style with function, usability and sustainability.




Gramicci by F/CE. POPUP
9.15(Fri) – 9.25(Mon)

Gramicci by F/CE. is a new capsule line designed by F/CE. that pays homage to Gramicci’s history and philosophy.
Inspired by a trip to Denmark and a study of Danish design culture, 23AW will present a collection based on the Danish design philosophy of “Purpose / Equality”.

Prior to the global launch on September 22 (Fri.), the latest collection will be available for pre-sale at the pop-up store in Shibuya PARCO. Two bags will be produced for the first time for this collection line, and a full lineup of products will be available.


Shibuya PARCO 1st floor “THE WINDOW”

September 15 (Fri.) – 25 (Mon.)




Collaboration with the historic American shoe brand Danner. New DESERT colour.
Based on Danner’s signature model, the Mountain600, it has been reconstructed as a hybrid specification with F/CE. interpretation.

The design and functionality has been upgraded with a lightweight Vibram sole and paracord, while the Gore-Tex specification on the welder technique makes it more waterproof.

The sole is equipped with Megagrip, Vibram’s leading high-performance compound. The sole is a compound with excellent braking power on wet surfaces for all terrains and environments, and provides excellent grip on dry surfaces, but especially on wet and undulating terrain.




25th August
We collaborated with “CONVERSE CAMPING SUPPLY”. We are teamed up with them following 21AW and 23SS for third times.
It based on QAK CP of high-spec model updated with waterproof breathable material GORE-TEX.


・High-spec model is based on the QAK CP and has been updated with GORE-TEX, a waterproof and breathable material.

・The shoes are made of cotton ripstop with suede on the toe and heel for improved durability.

・The “SPLC®” shoe lace lock system is adopted to achieve high holdability with a special gear structure that destroys the lock force and the ease of removal by locking and releasing in one action.

・The GORE-TEX logo and C & S logo embossed on the side parts, hunter green that was inserted into the insole, drawcord and many other design points of the reflector mix across the entire upper.

・Included green spare laces.





“Inner-down Revolution “

We are happy to introduce our first TAION collaboration.

Collaboration between TAION, a brand specialising in inner down, and F/CE. Down cardigan type. TAION’s down stitching yarns use down-specific yarns that are optimised for the fabric and the down. The use of a down-specific system minimises the blowing out of the down. The material is developed and adopted from lightweight and tough ripstop material.

-Silhouette is just the right size for inner down. -Uses high quality WHITE DUCK down of 800 FP. -Silhouette adjustable with side zips -Water repellent. -Packable specification with storage bag




We are teamed up with Osaka-based graffiti artist CASPER, his drawing to our philosophy “’Function, Culture, Exploration’. We are producing hoodies and long T-shirts with CASPER’s graphic design. Now on sale at our store and partners shops at worldwide.


Born in Osaka in 1977.
Graffiti artist who specialises in drawing original lettering that can be expressed in all kinds of characters and the popular cute and pop character ‘CASPCHAN’, and has gained a huge following mainly on the street scene. He has a unique and attractive colouring and a wide range of styles from pop to hard.



The second model in collaboration with Yosemite Strap. The coloring is an F/CE. original. It can be used not only as a smartphone strap but also as a coordinating accent. Now on sale at our directly-managed stores as well as at our partner stores nationwide.

ABOUT YOSEMITE STRAP Extended Photographic Material (EPM) is a camera lifestyle brand founded by a Japanese photographer. The “Yosemite Strap” was born from an encounter with a climber during a photo trip to Yosemite National Park in California, and was conceived as a camera strap using a real climbing rope. In 2018, Yosemite Strap was developed in collaboration with YKK and the Alligator Lock System, a rope end connector, and the Yosemite Strap is now available at LEICA stores around the world. In 2019, the company will launch “Essentials for Travel. Cashless everyday. No more dropping. In 2019, the company launched the “Yosemite Mobile Strap for iPhone,” an improved iPhone-specification strap based on the theme of “No more dropping, no more breaking.

Price: ¥13,200 (tax included) Color: BEIGE/OLIVE/BLACK



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