Gramicci by F/CE. collection line pays homage to Gramicci’s history and philosophy with a new capsule line designed by F/CE.
Based on the concept of modern outdoor clothing that can be worn both in the city and in the mountains, the design source is inspired by F/CE.’s baggage of Functionality,Culture and Explolation, as well as by the countries set for each season.

23AW explores the theme “Purpose / Equality”, inspired by our travels in Denmark, and research into Danish design culture.
Rooted in tradition and identity, Danish design refines simple, aesthetic forms, elevating them with functionality so that they can be applied to a utilitarian and democratic lifestyle.
With a focus on practicality rather than innovation, Denmark’s organic design is sustain able in the sense of its durability, quality and timelessness.
Beyond functionality, design is considered to create a meeting point between people and objects, connecting design with social development and culture.
Thought of as a supportive social force, designers’ activities have idealistic potential, where they can cultivate the ability of design to improve not only the lives of individuals, but also society as a whole. In Denmark, good design is integrated into public space, resulting in an appreciation and awareness across generations regardless of social status.


For 23AW, we present a collection inspired by the social, functional and aesthetic harmony of Danish design – delivering high quality products that balance style with function, usability and sustainability.